And so the blogging begins… But why is this not just a silly little blog?

I’m Siobhan but everyone calls me Shiv, which is a lot easier to spell than the aforementioned seven letter Irish jumble. This Word press blog has been created for the sole purpose for my DIGC202 class. I’m currently half way through a Bachelor of International Studies, and should be graduating next year with a minor in Spanish, Peace and Conflict Studies and International Communication. My interests revolve around history, national and international politics and global conflicts and crisis. I hope to one day work overseas as a part of an Australian embassy or as a part of the UN Security Council. Like many of my subjects, this all seemed a little silly at first. ‘Who needs Twitter when you have Facebook.’ ‘No one is even going to read this blog’. This course has a habit of proving me wrong by actually providing me with subjects that are surprisingly relevant… And DIGC202 is one of them (Sorry Ted). Global networks are a crucial part of society as outlined in Castells (2004). Although I believe that the whole article could be summarised in 5 dot-point, the main message is still key. Networks matter. Thanks to global networks we are no longer limited by boundaries. We can travel across the world or back-in-time as a result of the click of a button. As a politics student I believe that as a result of global networks such as twitter, citizens no longer have to take their governments or newspapers literally, we are now capable of finding various outlets for information that are not reduced to sound bites or overshadowed by political campaigns. We are now able to access virtual communities, discover and learn about things without only receiving a one-sided perspective.


2 thoughts on “And so the blogging begins… But why is this not just a silly little blog?

  1. I really like the idea you mentioned about being able to travel across the world or back-in-time with the click of a button. I have always thought of it as one central place for everyone around the world to come together rather then one being able to travel overseas virtually. I would love to know what your 5 summarised dot points were as I seemed to have quite a few more then 5 so i would be interested to see what you had found more or less important. I understand what you are saying regarding global networks resulting in citizens no longer having to take their governments or newspapers literally, and this is something I wonder if you have thought about, I still believe that governments and newspapers have an enormous influence on the citizens who are posting, tweeting, commenting etc. about any involving issues. Yes, people are learning to think for themselves alot more in today’s society, but you have to wonder how much these people are influenced by their government’s decisions or what their newspapers have written. Just a thought, 🙂

  2. I agree that this article could be summarised easily, whilst good points, Castells seemed to repeat himself a couple of times I found. Becilee, I agree with your idea that whilst we have the power to seek alternative information sources, we are still largely controlled by ‘outlets of convenience’ (mass media, governments etc), and I think a lot of us are guilty of just rolling over and accepting everything spoken at us off the tele-prompter as gospel, and not seeking additional sources.

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