Its a little bit more than just cat videos

When someone says cyberspace I just think of the internet, Google, computers and all that jazz but now I don’t just see it as the awesome, mystic thing that brings me Facebook and cat videos. It is so much more. Borders have been removed. There are no limitations or restrictions on communication. We now have the ability to connect with anyone anywhere in the world at any time of day.  

Dyson, Barlow and Kelly all discuss their own perspective of the freedom of cyberspace.

After clawing through some not so subtle patriotism, Dyson refers to cyberspace as an ecosystem, rather than a machine. Throughout his article, Dyson discusses the demassification of society and the ability to customize one’s knowledge. It well known that cyberspace enables us to find information and websites that we want to see, what we want to read. That is the beauty of the internet. Instead of watching the evening new and hearing stories that you may not be interested in or what to know now about, this is where the internet comes in. You are free to find out what you want at the click of a button. It’s all about the niche. Sadly the whole article just seem a bit to patriotic for my liking. I don’t think that you can discuss the freedom, borderless society that cyberspace brings and them reference the American dream and the land of the free throughout the entire article.

The Kelly article just frustrated me. Throughout the article there were good point about the business of cyberspace but it just seemed to be lost throughout paragraph and paragraph of economic jumbles. If the article was simplified down then it would be much easier to discuss the main points.

And then there was Barlow. This short and sweet article just got to the point without key messages being lost among a jumble of computer- ish words. The idea of having access to this amazing creation without being questioned on gender, race, privilege etc is an increadable thing that hasn’t been seen before (well not on this scale anyway).

The thing I love the most about the internet/cyberspace or whatever you what to call it, is the freedom and its unlimited power that rejects no- one and connects the entire world through a bunch of cables and wires. 


2 thoughts on “Its a little bit more than just cat videos

  1. I really agree that “borders have been removed”, very thoughtful, cyberspace represents the transcendence of matter, the rise of the information age has truly been overwhelming. The Internet has certainly narrowed our viewing to our own niches of interest, which makes me worried that we will lose scope if we become complacent in our viewing practises. You are certainly correct with Barlow, the Internet is freedom of information for all users, all you have to do is get connected. Well done.

  2. The idea of the Internet as an ecosystem is perhaps one of the most accurate metaphors I have ever heard. I loved Barlow’s article as well, especially how he describes our physical bodies not living in cyberspace, although everything else about us can be a part of it.The notion of separating an individual’s physical characteristics with cyberspace was really interesting, particularly when we have the power to present our online identities.

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