Corporate Facebook

Think of how you would traditionally apply for a job. It typically involved a suit and tie, resume and a nervous interview.  And yes most of the time you will go for a job it will be similar to this. But due to the magical mystic world of networking and cyberspace, the job markets it starting to change. The changes are not only occurring in how we apply for jobs, but also how we find out about jobs and even the job itself. More and more jobs are revolving around social media. More and more jobs are being found as a result of social media. This is where is introduce you to corporate Facebook, more commonly known as LinkedIn. This amazing new addition to social media has already resulted in thousands of jobs. The beauty of LinkedIn is it allows you to do all the scary job application stuff form the safety of your computer. You put your resume up there, you connect with companies and CEO’s from an industry you wish to venture into.

A few years ago LinkedIn and many other forms of social media didn’t exist. They have brought about so much change that we didn’t think possible. Initially social media just seemed link a fun thing so chat to people, play games and follow celebrities. But social media isn’t just fun and games; social media is changing the way we work. Maybe even soon our tradition ways in applying for a job will cease to exist.  




5 thoughts on “Corporate Facebook

  1. Already so many jobs ask you to apply online instead of doing the traditional thing and going to each place and physically handing out a resume. Jobs and the way we apply for jobs are absolutely changing, personally I think social media like Linked in is a great thing it makes looking for jobs so much easier in regards to knowing whats available. People can also build a profile online and this results in things like potentially getting head hunted.

  2. Great post! LinkedIn is such a great addition to the social media bubble. I know a few people who use the platform and they said the efficiency of it all and the ability to apply for multiple jobs at once is what they value most. As you said you get to do all the scary job application stuff in the comfort of your own home, this aspect of the site is what will probably cause me to use it at some point in the future.

  3. Exactly. I have found most of my jobs online by searching on and other job websites. It definitely makes finding a job easier. I have never heard of Linked In though – definitely seems like a new technological way of having an ‘interview’. This just shows how digital our age has become – these days everything is online – even now applying for a job. Awesome work 🙂

  4. Well this would help employer’s find the most suitable person for the job, and it would make the job market more competitive. But it still seems we live in a world where looks and confidence still tower over being more suited for a job. People with better skills and education still lose jobs to people who know how to talk the talk. It will be interesting to see how this changes things in the future though.

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