Google: Don’t be evil

So im not really sure what to discuss for this week’s topic. Do we talk about the freedom provided to us from smart phones? The history of the Smartphone? Or which is better, Apple or Android?
I personally prefer Android. I have dropped my phone a millions time and hasn’t even cracked the screen and yet my fellow iphone friends all seem to have shattered screens.
Android 1 iphone 0
The smartphone has completely changed our lives and the way we access things. We can do our banking, we can skype and all we have to do is tap the screen. Although before the smartphone, our lives weren’t actually hard but now everything is much simpler. Before we had to be sitting at the computer and connect to the internet but now it’s all don’t automatically for us, in the palm of our hand.
I could discuses with you about how Google has played a major part in these developments, but i thought the reading was a bit confusing and didn’t contain really any decent information that I found applicable. The only thing I gained from it is that not only do we allow smartphones to rule our live but we also allow for Google to do the same. Write now I’m typing this on Google Chrome, then I’ll check my Gmail, ill research my assignment on Google News and Scholar and then I’ll find directions to the club in Sydney with Google Maps. (And I haven’t even covered everything Google does)
You could possible say that our lives are in the hands of Google.
We could look closer into how smartphones are taking over our live and how that has changed so much for an already lazy generation but what about the mastermind behind it all?


4 thoughts on “Google: Don’t be evil

  1. Not sure that I agree with you on the Android vs Smartphone comparison. My phone was submerged in water for 10 minutes and still rallied and works to this day without a glitch!! But I agree with the rest of your blog. Google does have its hands on our lives and it is revolutionising the way that software is being developed and integrated into our lives. The release of Android for public development as a competition to me is pure genius. It will be interesting to see whether or not Apple will adapt to this challenge and begin to release preliminary programs to consumers to develop and provide feedback. I think this collaborative development strategy will definitely be the key to success for these businesses into the future.

  2. Totally backing you up here with the smartphone debate. Just swapped to a Samsung and every time I drop my phone I still get that ‘oh my god my life is ruined’ feeling because of how many times I’ve dropped my iPhone only to pick it up and feel tiny shards of glass in my hand! This Samsung is much sturdier in that respect. I wasnt until I started using an Android that I realised my dependency on Google based products, like you I’m a Gmail, Scholar and Chrome user and until swapping to the Android operating system, never knew just how convenient it was to have these products synced between my laptop (admittedly its a Macbook) and phone. In saying that, whilst for now I’ll champion Android smartphones, I dont think I could go back to using a PC after being a Mac user for so long. Maybe Google have found a new battle.. I wonder how long it will take for people to start seriously comparing Macbooks and Chromebooks!

  3. I have dropped my iPhone a few times and managed to not get any cracks in the screen so far, but this definitely isn’t the case for everyone. I also knew someone who had a Samsung with cracks in the screen, but i guess they weren’t as bad as there wasn’t little pieces of glass falling into their hands while trying to text.
    I never really thought about how much Google ruled my online existence until now, as I am also using Google Chrome right now, and was just researching for my post on Google. Our lives could very well be in the hands of Google.
    The advances in smart phone technology is making it very possible to do everything we need online on the one portable device.

  4. I’m yet to experience the difference between an android and a smartphone being IPhone user for a few years now. So I guess I can say I do love my IPhone, although, from almost every person I know who has made the switch to from an iPhone to an Android such a Samsung have said how much better they enjoy it.
    I guess your right here. The fact that Google could be ruling our lives is something that I have never really thought about before. I have always viewed it as such a great thing! I love ‘Googling stuff’. We are allowing for our smart phones to rule our lives and i think that most of us are aware of that whether we are okay with it or not. I know that if i ever leave the house and forget my IPhone for the day, I feel stranded and almost as if something is missing from within me (pathetic, I know! But sadly, its true). On the other hand, I don’t think many of us are aware that Google is doing the exact same. Many people view Google as a helpful tool that makes everyday home and work asks that much easier such as research, directions, emailing and o much more.
    Here is a Forbes article outlining how Google will ruin our lives. Google wants to own every single second of your online life. The more information of yours they have, the more money they can make. The Internet does not forget. Once information is uploaded to the Internet, it cannot be erased, no matter how hard one may try. It is very possible that all of this could hinder the freedom that we once thought Google could provide.

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